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Supportive Environment

St Patrick's R.C. High School and Arts College, in accordance with the school's mission statement, believes that each individual deserves recognition and respect as befits a unique and important being created in the image of God.

As such, we support students with a range of services and activities.

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All children are cared for by a Form Teacher who will quickly get to know them and sort out any difficulties. In addition to Form Teachers, St. Patrick's has an experienced Teaching and Learning Manager in charge of each year group. Form Teachers and Teaching and Learning Managers will keep you informed of any problems and will also check on attendance, progress, homework and behaviour. If you are worried about any aspect of school life, or there are any medical problems, we ask you to contact the Teaching and Learning Manager. Many of our staff have First Aid Certificates.

Education in Personal Relations

Although the education of your children in sexual matters is primarily the right and duty of parents, the school believes that it has a complementary role to play. Because we work so closely with our Primary Schools, our five year programme in Education in Personal Relationships builds on what our pupils have been taught earlier. Our programme includes sex education, which is taught to mixed groups of pupils in Year Seven. Details of the course are discussed with parents at our Information Evening in September but of course parents are free to request further information.

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