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The Curriculum at St. Patrick’s

A beacon of Catholic excellence.

St. Patrick’s is a school which provides a Catholic education for the twenty-first century. Every member of our community is treated as a child of God, created with dignity and designed with a purpose.

The five year curriculum at St. Patrick’s will enable our pupils to discover;

- Who they are
- Why they are here
- Where they are going

in the light of the Gospel Values of Jesus Christ and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, as expressed in our mission statement.


Our Mission Statement

Our outstanding school community is guided by the Gospel values of: love, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, integrity, humility and truth. Faith and worship are lived, taught and celebrated. We recognise the importance of service to others and the opportunity to be witnesses to Christ in our community. All are unique and strive for personal growth. We celebrate the pursuit of academic excellence, applaud ambition and value the achievements of all. Our pupils are expected to achieve their best and use their learning to make a difference in the world they live in.


Our curriculum is intended for the education and formation of young people who will go out and make a difference to God’s world. Through both the examined and non-examined curriculum, we use the story and example of St. Patrick to contribute to the holistic development of our pupils, encouraging them to live out the values of truth, resilience, service, love and faith.

The curriculum consists of three elements: lifelong learning and values that are transmitted through all aspects of a child’s experience at St. Patrick’s; the academic curriculum (examined) through which they study Core and Foundation subjects which will prepare them for the next steps in their education beyond St. Patrick’s; and the holistic curriculum (non-examined) which means they have access to a wide, rich set of experiences that help develop their own interests and talents beyond the examined curriculum.



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