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Mentoring was introduced here at St Patrick's in January 2000. As part of the Government's excellence in Cities Initiative.It has since proved to be a highly successful and popular part of the initiative across the City of Salford. Here at St Patricks we strive to continue to overcome barriers to learning that pupils may have. These could be academic or behavioural.

We work in partnership with teachers and pupils alike to raise standards and expectations with our Mentees. We use all data available for example reports and grades. We do our own independent tracking and analysis of data with our Mentees. We liaise with Heads of House to help build up a profile of our Mentees.

Our Mentoring program is currently managed by Pupil Services.

Areas covered by mentoring are:

  • Study skills
  • Revision
  • Coursework & Coursework club
  • Tracking Grades
  • Attendance
  • Their future-further Education & vocational choices.

Lower down in the School the focus may be on:

  • Diary Checks
  • Academic Progress
  • Homework etc
  • Attendance
  • Any other relevant issues

With all our Mentees we encourage them, act as a role model,support,motivate and encourage them. We see ourselves as working in collaboration with teaching staff and offering high quality experienced support for our Mentees. Who help to set their own targets with us on a regular basis. Our sessions are mostly fortnightly for individual Mentees but can be more frequent or less frequent if required. The sessions are held in a friendly and confidential environment.

We get involved with School life and support School events eg:

  • Religious retreats
  • Sporting Events (teams)
  • Holidays
  • School trips
  • Year 11 Prom night
  • Exam invigulation
  • Parent's Evenings
  • Groupwork for various pupils within the School.

We are here to offer a network of sustained support for our Mentees for however long they need it and have found over the years this work to be invaluable to our Mentees who are very positive about our work with them.

Our Vision

The Mentoring Department seeks to promote academic excellence. We Strive to encourage and motivate our Mentees to achieve their full potential and where necessary to act as advocates on their behalf.

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