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Effective Revision

Get organised - make a plan! Then revise efficiently.

Making a plan

  • Be clear about any days/times you are expected in school.
  • Block off any time where revision is not possible. (e.g. travel, work, clubs, other commitments, intervention can be included as revision.)
  • Share your plan with someone at home - you're more likely to stick to it.


  • Focus on what you don't know.
  • Leave enough room on your plan to include extra info e.g. Chemistry
  • C4, even if planned rather than logged.

How to make the most of revision

  • Be realistic.
  • Be determined, both with revision and breaks.
  • Use your time effectively – no 3 hour blocks without breaks!
  • Be kind to yourself during breaks, but don’t get distracted for too long.
  • Be flexible.
  • Use a multi angled approach – read, make mind maps, stick post-it notes around the house on cupboards etc., make revision cards, test your friends, discuss what you’ve learned, teach your friends and family, practise exam papers, watch revision videos on YouTube, and ask teachers for help if you’re really not sure on something.
  • Use a quiet space – no music, TV, phone or siblings (use school or a local library if it helps).


Use the attached documents and PowerPoint, and the links below, to revise all of Science.
BBC Bitesize - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/examspecs/zt7xxfr
GCSEPoD - https://www.gcsepod.com/
SENECA - https://senecalearning.com/en-GB/
COGNITO - https://cognitoedu.org/home
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@ScienceRevision1
SNAPRevise - https://snaprevise.co.uk/

Also, use your revision guide and past papers to improve on previous errors and fill the gaps in your knowledge.

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