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Student Concerns

If you need to talk to an adult regarding a concern, you should speak to your Form Tutor in the first instance. However, at St Patrick’s RC High School you also have your Head of House to support your social and academic development and Pupil Services Staff who can be contacted at any time during the school day to report a concern.

If you do have a concern that you wish to report, you should tell one of these adults, email: studentconcerns.StPats@salford.gov.uk or place your concern in the pupil ‘Worry Box’ at the reception desk.

No matter how big or small you think the problem will be, talking is a sign of strength and helps us to help you enjoy life at St Patrick’s. You can download our Pupil Concern Card Website on this page, which you can use as a reminder of how to deal with any concerns you may have. You can also check how we deal with your concerns by downloading the What happens if I report a Concern (2) flowchart.

Pupil Voice

In common with all outstanding schools, at St Patrick’s, we listen very carefully and responsively to the voice of our pupils. Over many years we have sought to embed a system of communication in all aspect of the life of our school that reinforces this very special partnership between pupils, staff and parents. This relationship is at the heart of our educational philosophy.

We actively listen to our pupils in many ways, in lessons, around school through our pastoral system and formally in our regular School Council meetings. We provide pupils with questionnaires over a range of issues or ideas that we might be developing during the year. We also ask pupils to actively participate in the appointment of staff.

St Patrick’s School Council

One of our most successful forums for debate and discussion about school is our School Council.

Key features of the School Council

All forms have two representatives, at the House and full School Council.

  • The minutes of the School Council meetings are publish on the school website and school newsletter.
  • There is always a Senior Teacher present at all School Council Meetings.
  • School Council agenda items are discussed at the Senior Leadership meeting.
  • School Councillors take an active role in Teaching and Learning at St Patrick’s.
  • School Councillors contribute to feedback on the appointment of new members of staff.
  • School Councillors are held in high esteem.
  • The School Council goes on regular reward trips.
  • All matters relating to School life, including the canteen and extra-curricular activities are discussed.
  • The School Council is frequently used as a’ sounding board’ for new ideas and developments in teaching.


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