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Transition from Primary School

Year 5 Visits

We’re all going on a summer holiday…

This term, St. Patrick’s Transition Team welcomed to school lively Year 5 classes from our feeder Primary Schools, challenging them to a number of holiday themed activities.

Literacy: Writing Postcards

Year 5 children were challenged to use language creatively in order to generate vivid imagery in the reader’s minds. Their challenge was to write a postcard. The pupils used vocabulary within the semantic field of holidays, similes and metaphors to describe places they had either been to or wanted to visit in the future. One pupil in particular wrote an impressive description based on a holiday to the moon!

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Music with Mr Snowdon.

Mr Snowdon led a lively drum session in the Music department. With the help of Bruno Mars, the pupils mirrored a number of rhythms using drum sticks. This was followed by a musical Mexican wave and elimination games, such as ‘you can’t tap this.’ The classes thoroughly enjoyed these activities and finished off their session singing songs, whereby they had to vary their pitch, intonation and in some cases sing with an accent.

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Drama with Miss Olsen

The Year 5’s also had a taste of Drama with Miss Olsen, which included playing cooperation games to warm up their bodies and mind. This was followed by producing still images of either holiday scenes or famous destinations (physical theatre). The children experimented with using different levels, facial expressions and body language for a desired effect. There was plenty of talent on show and Miss Olsen was very impressed with the children’s drama skills.

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Art with Mrs Tysvaer-Amiar

Monoprinting is a good technique for creating spontaneous and expressive print work. Monoprinting is the process of making a print using 'mark making'. Check out some these impressive and attention to detailed Year 5 monoprints. Mrs Tysvaer-Amiar was very impressed with the quality of luggage labels produced by Year 5 children.

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Well done to all of our visiting Year 5 pupils on a successful day trip to St. Patricks! Miss Tandy



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