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Online Payment System

All payments for school dinners, school trips and the like should be made using our Online Payment System where possible. 

Our Online Payment System, SCOPay, allows parents, guardians, or carers to make payments by credit or debit card for all school purchases, including; school lunches, trips/events and resources.


  • Secure payments
  • Manage multiple children from single account
  • Pay via debit or credit card
  • View up to date balances on the app
  • Parents can view outstanding payment information
  • Safer as it reduces the risk of students losing money


How to set up your Online Payment Account

To create your online account please email jones.n@stpatricksrchigh.co.uk to request a link code letter for your child. All new Year 7's will receive their link code in their first week with us. Please send them with cash on their first day. 

Visit www.scopay.com and click on 'Register as a new user

From here you will need to complete the registration form and enter the link code provided in the letter. 

Once you are registered you will be able to log in. Please check your email inbox for a verification link to confirm your email address. 

When you are logged in you will be able to see a selection of items that you can pay for online including 'cashless catering' (school lunch money), school trips, school books etc. Please add the items you would like to your basket and then process the basket by clicking on 'checkout'. 

You will then be prompted to enter your address information and you will then be redirected to WorldPay to enter your payment details. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us


How to access SCOPay

The app can be downloaded via the app store/Google Play - search for 'SCOPAY'

Visit the website at https://www.scopay.com/login.html


PLEASE NOTE - Please do not pay for trips and resources using the 'balances' tab on the Scopay app. Please only pay using the specific item listed under 'Trips and Events'. Unfortunately, the two systems are separate and so funds cannot be transferred from one account to the other. 


I am being asked for an online link code; what is this?

A link code is a series of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies a child. The code can be used once to link a child to an online account - it cannot be re-used.

A link code can be found on the access letter given to you by your child's school.


I don't have an access letter; how do I get one?

Please email jones.n@stpatricksrchigh.co.uk to request a link code 


I have two children at the same school; can I pay for both of them using one account?

Yes! You can have both children linked to your account by following these steps:

If you have not set up an account yet, create your account with first child's link code. Log in, go to "Your info", and select "Link accounts". Use the second child's link code.


I have children at two different schools; can I pay for both of them using one account?

If both schools use the Tucasi Online Payments system, then yes! You can do this using the two link codes given to you by each separate school (see FAQ point above).


My partner has created an account linked to our child. I tried to create an account with the same link code they used, but it didn't work.

For security, the link code on the letter cannot be used more than once. Please contact your child's school and ask them for a new letter and link code.


I used the wrong email address to sign up. Can I change it?

I know the email address I signed up with.
Log in with the password you specified.

If you have not verified your email address, a message will appear and you will be able to change your email address there.

If you have verified your email address, go to "Your info", and select "Login Details" to change your email address.

I do not know the email address I signed up with.
Please contact jones.n@stpatricksrchigh.co.uk and ask them to unlink your child from the incorrect email address. You can then ask them for a new letter and link code.

Re-register with your intended email address, and use the new link code.


If you experience any issues using the app, please try the website as an alternative www.scopay.com

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