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News - Young Writer's Showcase Competition

Young Writer's Showcase Competition

Over the summer, Seb (Year 9) participated in a Young Writer's Annual Showcase Competition and he came 4th, out of hundreds of entries! His work is being published in a book.

This was their entry: 

A super Dream

You gazed at the tv, mesmerised by the heroes you saw on the screen.
The flashing colours, the epic fight scenes. But most of all, the inhuman abilities some possessed.
That was when you decided this was it, Your destiny.

You tried everything to make this dream a reality, exposing yourself to radiation, attempting to get struck by lightning and trying to get every odd-looking spider you come across to bite you. Nothing worked, you’d tried everything! After a few failed attempts (and trips to the hospital), it finally dawned on you, you could be one of those superheroes with gadgets! They were always the coolest with their grappling hooks, lasers, and every type of computer you could imagine. You didn’t really need superpowers to protect the innocent from evil.

You bolted home, grabbed your laptop and got to work. You watched every tutorial out there and downloaded the best CAD software you could find. Finally, after months of work you had done it, prepared all the information and gear you needed. But to make this official you needed a name…fast.

But that was when you realised, it’s hard to make hero names.
You went through a few “questionable” choices such as:
The tech titan,
Computer crusher,
And last but not least,
Gadget the great.

However, none of them seemed to stick so you decided to remain unnamed. For now at least.

So now you’d done it, after all the years you had idolised super heroes, you were one step away from becoming one. Your dream was finally coming true, at long last. You were a superhero.


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