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News - St. Patrick’s RC High School and Study Space Partner to Combat School

St. Patrick’s RC High School and Study Space Partner to Combat School

St. Patrick’s RC High School and Study Space Partner to Combat School Absences and Promote Holistic Education.

Renowned for being a high-achieving and forward-thinking school, St Patrick’s RC High School in Eccles has partnered with The Study Space tuition centre in Worsley, proving that they are committed to its educational obligation to each and every one of it’s students.

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent rise in student absences, St. Patrick RC High School in Winton carried out extensive internal audits, to determine the root cause of the persistent absences. The findings emphasised that there was a 20% rise in students being affected by symptoms associated with social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) and that action needed to be taken.

To mitigate the risk of more pupils being affected, the staff structure was changed to meet the needs of the pupils and the staff began working more cohesively with Camhs and the educational psychologists. It was during this time that the relationship was forged between St Patrick’s RC High School and The Study Space which now is an “offsite” provision known as “The Emerald Centre. “

The Emerald Centre, a name given to the programme by St Patrick’s RC High School sits within The Study Space’s premises in Worsley. It is a unique initiative aimed at supporting students struggling with severe anxiety and emotionally based school avoidance. The centre provides a serene and supportive environment where students receive personalised guidance from school teachers, enabling them to overcome barriers to learning and reach their full potential.

Together, with The Study Space the school aims to address emotional barriers to learning and provide alternative educational pathways for students to help with core subjects of Maths and English whilst providing pastoral care to help them re-engage with mainstream school or support the pupils in to post-16 destinations. Collectively they have been making a significant impact in supporting students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), ensuring that no child is left behind.

The collaboration between St. Patrick's RC High School and The Study Space was initially piloted on 1 day a week. The instant improvement and 100% engagement later saw the agreement extended to 5 days a week and the programme extended to more pupils requiring support.

The Study Space offers tuition to any school-aged child as well as being an alternative education option for students who are unable to attend mainstream schools due to exclusion, illness, or other reasons. By providing suitable education The Study Space aims to address the diverse needs of all students, promoting inclusivity and fostering a supportive learning environment.

Assistant Headteacher Luan Barrie from St. Patrick's RC High School reflects on the challenges faced by students and schools in the wake of COVID-19. "The pandemic has brought about significant changes in our educational landscape, leading to increased levels of emotional and social difficulties among students," says Mr Barrie. "At St. Patrick's, we are committed to providing holistic support to our students, and our partnership with The Study Space allows us to offer tailored interventions to address these challenges."

Justine Gray founder of The Study Space, shares our vision of creating a safe and nurturing space for children to thrive," adds Mr Barrie. "Together, we are pioneering inclusive education practices that prioritise the well-being and academic success of every student."

Justine adds “St. Patrick's RC High School remains committed to its educational mission, ensuring that every student receives the support and opportunities they need to succeed. Their motto is “Amazing things happen here’ and whether it be on their school's campus in Eccles or remotely with the team here at “The Emerald Centre” they are determined the students will receive the same care, support and educational opportunities as every other child registered at their school.”

“With a focus on celebrating success, promoting good attendance, and providing tailored interventions for students with diverse needs, St Patrick’s RC High School continues to be a beacon of excellence in the community.”

For more information about St. Patrick's RC High School and The Study Space, please contact:

Luan Barrie
Assistant Headteacher
St. Patrick's RC High School
Eccles, Greater Manchester,
Email: stpatricks.rchighschool@salford.gov.uk

Justine Gray
Founder of The Study Space
Worsley, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Email: sayhello@thestudyspace.co.uk

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