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Religious Education

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Religious Studies Curriculum Map 2021-22

“I have come so they may have life and have it to the full”

The purpose of Religious Education in a Catholic school can be linked to reasons why the Catholic Church provides Catholic schools. It assists in its mission of making Christ known to all people; it assists parents (the primary educators), in the education and religious formation of their children; it creates a link between the Diocese, local Parishes and the home; it provides a service to society.

Through the academic curriculum in Religious Education, pupils will reflect critically on their own and other people's religious beliefs, including those of other faiths and none, developing an informed ability to evaluate and analyse how and why people believe in the existence of God and how this affects their behaviour in terms of both religious worship and moral behaviour. They develop an appreciation of how religion has contributed to culture, literature and art and how that enriches their lives.

Within the context of a Catholic school, the subject provides pupils with an in-depth exploration of the history of Christianity, the development of the Catholic church, the story and teachings of Jesus and how these are reflected in worship and everyday life of Catholics. Throughout the five year curriculum, pupils also study aspects of other religions, including Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism.

GCSE Religious Education

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