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Information Technology

Our Five Year Curriculum

Information Technology Curriculum Map 2021-22

Computer Science is the study of the foundational principles and practices of computation and computational thinking, and their application in the design and development of computer systems.

Information Technology deals with the creative and productive use and application of computer systems, especially in organisations, including considerations of e-safety, privacy, ethics, and intellectual property.

Digital literacy is the ability to use computer systems confidently and effectively.

We cover units such as:

• Website creation
• Programming
• Computer Graphics
• Spreadsheet
• File management
• Presentation software
• Computer systems

All pupils will have the opportunity to do some programming using Scratch. The new curriculum ensures that learners will know how computers and computer systems work, how they are designed and programmed as well as them making the best use of IT.


GCSE Information Technology

Please find the link to the exams specifications.

Class of 2020:

Edexcel Digital Information Technology


Class of 2021:

Edexcel Digital Information Technology


Class of 2022:

Edexcel Digital Information Technology

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