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Design & Technology

Our Five Year Curriculum

Design and Technology Curriculum Map 2021-22

Design and Technology gives pupils the opportunity to learn a variety of skills, through their exploration of specialist areas such as Food Technology, Systems, Product Design, Graphics and Textiles. By covering a wide range of projects, pupils are able to combine practical skills with creative thinking and explore the use of different materials, to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. 

Food Technology

Pupils will learn core skills with regards to basic cookery, staying safe within a practical environment and health and nutrition. Through this pupils will be able to produce, develop and create a variety of dishes to suit the needs of their home environment and meet current eating trends.


Pupils will design and make models of simple wiring, mechanical and electrical systems that would be found in the modern world.

Product Design

Pupils will design and make a variety of craft based three-dimensional products using specialist equipment and materials such as wood, plastic and card.


Pupils have the opportunity to learn and explore a wide range of skills and techniques in areas such as printing, fabric painting, batik, machine stitching, hand stitching and 3D material construction.


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