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Reading Mondays

At St. Patrick's, we aim to encourage our children to enjoy reading and also help them to recognise how important it is to read.

All pupils have one form time session per week, on Monday morning, dedicated to private reading for pleasure.

Pupils are encouraged to read from any of the following:

• Their own book from home
• A book from the school library
• A book loaned from the form "Reading Box"
• A suitable newspaper or magazine

The aim is to foster enjoyment of reading and help pupils to progress as readers. Reading Boxes have been established in each form; the contents chosen following a survey of the whole school which identified the types of books that our pupils enjoy reading. Perhaps an indication of the importance we are place on these sessions is that the books purchased have a collective value of over £8000!

This year we have included a Reading Record sheet in pupil diaries to monitor and encourage their reading for pleasure. Teachers, parents and carers can see at a glance what pupils are actually reading and how often.
To encourage books being borrowed from our school library…pupils will be given reward points each time they read a book..

How can you help?

As well as encouraging reading for pleasure within school, the evidence is that support for this from within the home plays a huge part in improving your child's reading.
• Please ask your child/children what they are reading and show an interest.
• Encourage/remind them to have a book "on the go".
• Send them to school with a newspaper or book on a Monday morning.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lane, Literacy Coordinator at school.

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