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Transition from Primary School

Year 5 Visits - March 2016

Once again our doors opened to the Year 5 classes from our Feeder Primary Schools this term. This year’s theme was ‘Mystery’ and the children thoroughly enjoyed a range of cross curricular activities, challenging their creative writing skills, Mathematical problem solving skills and Artistic skills.

Lost on mystery mountain script writing & Drama

As a warm up to the morning’s activities, the children rehearsed a short script about a group of children camping in the woods. The script ends on a cliff hanger and groups were challenged to write and perform the next scene, using images to help them with their ideas. The results were amazing! Groups devised some ingenious scripts with lots of suspense and tension.

Combination Locks

Miss Woods challenged both pupils and supporting staff with her Mathematical problem solving activity. Pairs were challenged to solve lock combinations by answering a range of Mathematical questions, such as ‘The third number is the only even prime number.’ Once the lock was open, children took a raffle ticket from the box, which went into a prize draw at the end of the activity.

Monochrome Printing

Continuing with the theme of mystery, the children displayed their artistic skills during a monochrome printing activity. Using images of well know Detectives, such as Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse, the children used a mixture of materials and techniques to create their own bookmark.

I, Miss Wood and Mrs Williams were impressed with the children’s imaginative qualities and eagerness. Well done Year 5!

Miss Tandy

Year 5 and Swan Lake and more!

Year 5 and Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875. It is a much loved ballet still enjoyed in Theatres across the country and its music is easily recognizable, but does everyone know what its story is?
Swan Lake tells the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. The tale of Swan Lake is one of mixed emotions, highs and lows with an unexpected ending. This Ballet is based loosely on a number of Russian Folk Tales and was the theme of our morning’s activities, with a visiting Year 5 class from St. Mary’s RC Primary School. Our young visitors were challenged in a number of cross curricular activities including: Music, Drama and Literacy.
Upon arrival the Year 5’s were greeted by the Drama Teacher Miss Olsen. The children were eager to engage in cooperation games, which involved using their creativity skills to think of an alliterative sentence using their name. For example: ‘My name is Maizie and I like mice.’ This was accompanied by an amusing action, which the rest of the children had to repeat. Much fun was had and this game soon warmed up the class!
After becoming familiarised with the story of Swan Lake, groups formed and the children rose to the challenge of freeze framing key scenes from the story, using levels, facial expressions and body language for a desired effect. Talent was in abundance and Miss Olsen was really impressed with the children’s imagination and natural flair!

Music with Miss Carney

Following a short breather, Miss Carney’s musical talents were then on show! Attentively the children listened to snippets of Tchaikovsky’s music, using whiteboards to write down feeling words associated with the music. It was pleasing to see the children explain what the music reveals about the characters feelings and relate this to key scenes from the story of Swan Lake. Miss Carney was amazed with the children’s participation in the lesson and their contributions were innovative.

Literacy with Miss Tandy

Having enjoyed two practical activities, the children then put their imaginative and artistic skills to the test by modernising the story of Swan Lake, choosing accompanying modern day songs, including artists such as Taylor Swift. Groups applied their cooperation skills and modernised the setting and character names. There were some unusual settings including a small cottage by the canal. The work completed was to a high standard and we look forward to seeing the groups completed versions.

View some pictures of Year 5 in Drama, Music and Literacy here.

Well done Year 5!

The children described the session as ‘amazing’. Their comments included:

‘I liked the activities as we got to work in pairs and together.’
‘I liked the activities because I loved listening to the music from Swan Lake.’
‘I liked the activities because I learnt a lot.’

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Year 5 Children Meet 'The Jabberwocky'

Year 5 Children Meet 'The Jabberwocky'

Ever heard of a 'Jubjub bird' or 'The Frumious Bandersnatch?' How about A 'tumtum tree?' These nonsense words and mythical creatures come from Lewis Carroll's infamous poem 'The Jabberwocky.' The Jabberwock is a peculiar beast with 'jaws that bite and claws that catch!' But is the Jabberwock as villainous as he is described by the Poet? Or is he just a misfortunate creature, who should be given a second chance?

Lewis Carroll successfully created a terrifying creature feared by all but it was up to our Year 5 visitors to decide whether this was fair. Could The Jabberwock and his 'jaws that bite' be an asset to the Villagers he supposedly terrorises?

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Year 6 Summer Project 2016

Year 6 Summer Project 2016

The responses to the Year 6 Summer Project were truly remarkable, this year! An array of talented stories was read by the English staff during the first few weeks of term and we are happy to announce the following class winners:

• Leah Neillings-Lundy
• Joseph Barrett
• Gwyn Pagarigan
• Grace Lynott-Miles
• Olivia Ashurst
• Reece Harvey
• Estelle Mistiades
• Holly Wilson
• Adriana Brown

Congratulations to all Year 7 who took part. Certificates and prizes are to be handed out during the House Assemblies.

Well Done!
Miss Tandy