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Parents' Evening System

By using Parents Evening System parents can choose their own appointment times from any internet connected device. Parents/Carers no longer need to rely on their child to make appointments, phone the school or wait to see the teacher. Availability of all teachers are on one easy to read screen, allowing parents to plan appointment times accordingly.

Parents can choose to include a short message to each teacher when booking their appointments to focus the discussion on the evening.

Parents Evening System can be accessed easily by entering your child’s name and date of birth. A short guide on using the system will be sent to parents along with their parents evening letter notifying them when the system is open for booking appointments. A copy of the guide is also available on the right hand side of this page.

It is important that you have kept the school informed of any changes to your contact details in particular your email address. If you experience any technical difficulties with logging in then please don't hesitate to contact Miss Adkins on 0161 921 2300.

Parents' Evening Dates for 2016/17
Thursday 2nd March - Year 7
Thursday 30th March - Year 11
Thursday 27th April - Year 10
Thursday 4th May - Year 9
Thursday 6th July - Year 8